Ep. 47: Collaboration Series ft. Camilla Ochlan and Bonita Gutierrez

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You’ve seen the hash tags #communityovercompetition and #collaborationovercompetition. Well, my guests today are giving those hash tags more than lip service…or tweet service? 

Today I’m chatting with authors Camilla Ochlan and Bonita Gutierrez. If you’ve been listening to the show for a while, you’ll recognize their names from episode 21.  And if you’re a fan of urban fantasy, you probably know them from their series, The Werewolf Whisperer.

In episode 21 the ladies talked about writing in a past and present timeline, character, publishing, and so much more. Today, they’re sharing what writing a series looks like when you’re part of a team. How do you get it all to flow when there are two creatives? What do they recommend looking for in a writing partner? How do they handle being business partners as well as writing partners? And if you are an artist, you know that these days, many creative industries have evolved so much so that artists basically have to be entrepreneurs, as well.

Oh, and a tip from me to you: If you have your web site set up to showcase or sell your art, you know you need a newsletter. I have personally hemmed and hawed about sending one out. How could I showcase my work without being pushy? How do I communicate what I want to say in a fun way? How do I give added value to people who do sign up for my mailing list? Well, Camilla and Bonita have it dialed in. No joke, theirs is one of the best newsletters I've seen! Sign up to see how it's done! Sign up for the fun extras and bonus reads...a few minutes of entertainment / pick me up to get you through the day. Sign up because it's just that good! http://www.werewolfwhisperer.com/contact.html

Okay, I got off track for a second! There’s a lot of good stuff to get through, so let’s get started! I’m so happy to welcome back to the show Camilla Ochlan and Bonita Gutierrez!