Ep. 48 Collaboration Series ft. Shelley Couvillion and Robin Puelma

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Today I’m chatting with author Robin Puelma and illustrator Shelley Couvillion for the second installment in my series on collaboration.

Robin is a freelance blogger and the author of middle grade novels, The Missing Crimoire and The Naming of Colton Black. And Shelley is an illustrator who has had several solo shows, she’s illustrated comic books, and is now focusing on children’s book illustration…and that’s where our story begins.

How do two artists of different genres come together to create something that stays true to both of their visions? Today, Shelley and Robin talk about the ins and outs of the relationship between author and illustrator. 

And there are fun tidbits about the how to’s of their respective  careers woven in to our talk about collaboration. There's so much good info here, whether you’re an artist with representation or an artist who's out there doing it for yourself!

Listen and be inspired, my friends! Here are Robin Puelma and Shelley Couvillion.


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