Ep. 46.5: Micro Pod ft. Drea

Recording Artist Drea.png

Last week I promised a deep dive into the process of creating music. To be more specific, recording music. Recording artist and songwriter, Drea, is back with me to do just that.

In the next fifteen minutes, you’ll hear about the recording of her last album, No Vacancy and how the process of recording her new music, including her latest release Hometown, is different. Part of it is that she’s in a different headspace, part of it is that she’s in more control of how she’s recording, and today she’s sharing that process with us.

She talks about what happened in college, and beyond, that shattered her confidence as a singer and as a performer, and how she’s getting that confidence back.

And she explains how accepting her deep love for music, and eventually committing to her music and dropping the extraneous stuff, and yes…that included a job, is affecting her career in the most positive ways. It’s all about taking that leap!

Okay…without further ado, here is the Her Process micro pod featuring Drea.