Ep. 46: Drea - Recording Artist, Songwriter

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Back in episode 22, today’s guest, recording artist and songwriter, Drea, opened up to me about her experience as a victim of sexual assault. Today I’m checking back in with Drea in what is probably one of the most empowering episodes I will ever record.

In this episode, Drea talks about reclaiming ownership of her body, and who she is, through movement. And, she tells us how you can get in on this, too.

We talk about the affect the assault has had on her art, and how music has helped her to fully process what happened. Which brings me to her latest single, Hometown, and the music she’s writing and recording currently. There’s definitely been a shift in her creative process, and we touch on it in this episode, and take a deep dive into in the next episode.

Stick around because Drea treats us to an absolutely beautiful performance of Hometown at the end of the show.

Alright, let’s get to it. Here is my chat with the lovely and soulful, Drea.

Show Notes

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