Ep. 42: Special Ep ft. Sandra Valde and Shelley Couvillion

Sandra Valde and Shelley Couvillion on Her Process.png

I’m wrapping up this special series with two artists whose specific intent is to remain as active as ever in their fields throughout motherhood…and they’re doing just that.

Sandra Valde is a cinematographer whose work takes her on the road for up to three months at a time, and Shelley Couvillion is an illustrator who primarily works from home. In this episode, we discuss everything from full time daycare at 3 months old to the possibility of home schooling. From a work environment and artistic community that is extra supportive of motherhood to keeping pregnancy under wraps at work until month five.

For all the differences in their experiences in early motherhood, there are also some very universal similarities. And, these ladies are both making it work. Want to know how? Take a listen!

Show Notes


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