Ep. 41: Special Ep ft. Lois Keller and Margaret Haas

Welcome to the third installment of my special Her Process series on artists who are juggling the pursuit of art and parenthood! Today I’m talking with Lois Keller and Margaret Haas, two visual artists in two very different stages of motherhood. Lois is a fine artist with a background as a scenic artist. Her daughters are aged 10 and 14. Margaret is a calligrapher, does hand lettering, and owns a stationery store called Paper Pastries. (If you're in LA, you have to swing by!) Margaret's daughter is 20 months old. As you can see, today's conversation is coming from two very different vantage points. Three, if you count mine!

As a mom-to-be, this chat really made me think. These ladies got real and talked about the part of motherhood and career that isn't often talked about…the part where things don’t necessarily go the way you thought they might have, the part where you make adjustments, both in the way you approach your work and in your way of thinking. We decided that the theme for our talk is "surrender". Take a listen, and you'll hear why.

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