Ep. 15: Victoria Vu - Graphic Designer

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This week's chat is with graphic designer, Victoria Vu, of Paper and Type. Before we dive in, I want to mention that Victoria has also had a career in architectural design. For today, we're talking about her life in graphic design, but I do think it will be of worth to the listener to know of Victoria's background in architecture. I believe that these two fields require creative work and precision work, and people who's brains naturally function in both of those planes, in my opinion, are so interesting. You can clearly hear both influences in the conversation!

Some fun facts about Victoria: She has a penchant for collecting setlists (see photo below). She's nearing 14 years of living in Los Angeles! She likes it here. Her family is all up in the SF Bay Area, and she tries to visit home every other month or so. She is really good at parallel parking. If she can get away with it, she'll work through a bag of trail mix one ingredient at a time! (Love this!) Also, she's an ESFJ.

In this episode, Victoria tells us about her first taste of the graphic design business at the age of seven. She shares the events surrounding her transition from architectural design to graphic design. And, she walks us through the process of operating her own petite graphic design company.

And now, here's my chat with graphic designer and owner of Paper and Type, Victoria Vu.

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