Ep. 16: Jaden LaRue - Singer/Songwriter

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This week's chat is with singer/songwriter, Jaden LaRue. I believe we first connected via Instagram. I saw that she had videos of herself playing music live on her feed, so I clicked play and I was hooked.

In this episode, we talk about human connection, something that is really important to how Jaden creates, and where and how she chooses to share her music. She's the founder of Silverlake Sessions, which brings together artists from LA and beyond to gather once a month and share their art in an intimate setting, where strangers become friends. The shows are secret, and you've got to get on the mailing list to have the chance to attend. More on that during the show...

Jaden also shares her experience recording an album, and what she's learned from that process. And we talk touring, song writing, and so much more.

Here are some fun facts about Jaden, in her words:  1) Popcorn is my favorite food. That counts as a food, right?  2) Nothing makes me laugh like talking animals (i.e. Fantastic Mr. Fox)  3) Sometimes I write songs about my dog, Lucy ;-)  4) I'm from a tiny mountain town in Northern California5) I'm insanely proud of my sister - she's a news reporter for NBC in Nevada.

I had a feeling I'd like talking with Jaden, but when I asked her to come on the pod, I had no idea just how true that would be. Everything I grumble about, she has a way of putting a positive spin on. She's constantly creating, be it with her songs, music videos, tweets, Instagram photos...and yes, to Jaden every bit of what she does is part of being an artist, including the social media aspect. And, I'm telling you guys, seeing things the way she does has transformed things I felt I had to do into things I want to do...like everything is a great opportunity to make something beautiful.

If you want to feel not only motivated, but genuinely grateful and happy about every aspect of your art, and hear the ins and outs of today's music scene and where it's headed, then this episode is for you! Without further ado, here's my conversation with Jaden LaRue.

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