Ep. 14: Sanae Robinson Guerin - Artist

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This week's chat is with Sanae Robinson Guerin. Sanae is a painter and stained glass artist. Sanae has been painting since way back in...2014. Yes, you read that right. 2014! And in that short amount of time, she's shown in over a dozen galleries. In fact, the first time one of her paintings was in a gallery was only around a month and a half after she started painting! I asked Sanae about her experience with these gallery shows, and she told me that she can't believe she had the hubris to enter her paintings in these shows. She didn't really know the ins and outs of the art world. She would hear of a show that had a topic that she happened to have painted, so she submitted. Now that I've gotten to know her a bit, I don't think it's hubris as much as it is the beautiful innocence of being new to this part of the art world. It's like the fearlessness that we have as kids. What a gift to have had that as an adult, even if it was just there long enough to have that initial positive experience of entering new, "unproven" work in shows!

I asked Sanae to share some fun facts that were not covered during our chat. These are great:

  • I speak Japanese. Not so surprising when if you know I lived in Japan or that I'm half Japanese, but people never guess that.• I am almost fearless, but I'm afraid of moths• I'm a certified yoga teacher• I've lived on a boat• My husband proposed to me on the Empire State Building• I won a '66 Mustang at a party• I have been to 6 of the 7 continents (still have to go to Antarctica!) and many islands of the world • I have a daughter who lives in Brooklyn and does an (almost daily) art chart a day!

Sanae also talks about the importance of having a daily practice and tells us a bit about what goes into making stained glass art. And, she shares the impact her mother has had, and will always have, on her as an artist.

I'm so excited for you to hear more about Sanae, and the amazing story about how she started painting! So, here we go! I hope you enjoy my chat with artist, Sanae Robinson Guerin.

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