Ep. 13: Bari J. Ackerman - Artist

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This week's chat is with Bari J. Ackerman, of Bari J. Designs. Bari designs art for products, and during our conversation she tells us exactly what that entails. As you're about to hear, Bari is the ultimate self-starter and self motivator, and her can-do attitude is infectious! In this episode, she talks about how she went from making handbags to sell at local boutiques, to selling on Etsy, where she found the market to be a bit saturated, and how the need to differentiate herself on there led her to design her own fabric. She shares how she took the leap from designing on the computer to painting, and we discuss the role social media, specifically Instagram, plays in her business and sales.

Some fun facts about Bari:  She started as a theatre major in college, but finished with a degree in social sciences. She focused on psychology and women's studies. As a child she auditioned for the first movie version of Annie. She didn't start in art until her 30s. And, she has three siblings, one older brother and two younger sisters. They are her favorite people!

Bari was kind enough to squeeze me into her busy schedule on a recent trip to Los Angeles from her home in Scottsdale, Arizona, and I can't tell you how excited I was to talk with her. And I'm even more excited for you to hear what Bari had to say! So, without further ado, here is my chat with Bari J. Ackerman.

Show Notes:

barijdesigns.com                    Camp Instagram                   Bari's Instagram

ebags.com                    Etsy                    Wacom tablet

 Spoon Flower                    Quilt Market

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert                    SaraElhinger (verysari)

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