Ep. 33: Shurie Southcott - Milliner

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In this episode of Her Process, I’m chatting with milliner, Shurie Southcott. Shurie has been making hats since 2010. She's a trained couture milliner taught in a method called French Room, which means hand-sewn, with attention to detail. Her teacher, mentor, and partner was Jill Pfeiffer, who was a spunky character who told Shurie stories as she sewed. Ms. Pfeiffer worked behind stages in Las Vegas, and hand-sewing was her passion. Shurie also had the honor of learning under Lee Duncan and Mrs. Essie Edwards at Hatstruck Millinery. These two ladies had a combined number of over ninety years of hat work and experience in the Los Angeles hat industry.

Shurie has clients all over the globe and has worked with the Venardos Circus and the comedy series Feathers and Toast. Her hats will be featured in the next summer issue of Staletto magazine.

We begin our conversation by discussing the history and the importance of hats through the decades, and we ponder how and when they fell out of fashion in most of the US (with the exception of the south). Shurie tells us how she’s doing her part to usher hat wearing,  and the hat experience and everything it represents, back into fashion.

She tells us how she became a milliner, where she gets her inspiration, and lets us in on what goes into the making of hats as far as the process, the fabrics and materials she uses, the different styles, how she charges for her art…and so much more! And she gives tips on how you can ease into becoming a hat person! And maybe even a hat maker!

I asked Shurie to email me a few fun facts about her...things we didn't talk about on the show. Here's what she shared:

1) My DNA says that I am related to Napoleon.

2) I have worked for a cemetery and a circus.

3) I was once and still consider myself a librarian.

4) Yes, I have done voice-over work.

5) I was a killer in a horror movie short-film.

6) I love Asian fighting films....including Godzilla.

7) I am a cancer survivor.

8) I have 3 rescue dogs.

Shurie has great stories, and is so knowledgeable about her craft. As an artist, her enthusiasm has inspired me to dive into and appreciate the history of my own art. And beyond that, I can absolutely tell you that the next time you see me out and about, I’ll very likely be wearing a hat!

I hope you’re ready to be entertained and to feel inspired! And now, here she is, milliner, Shurie Southcott.

Love what you see? Orders can be made by contacting Shurie via Facebook, wesite, or email at ladybhats@gmail.com. 

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Website:  www.ladybhats.vpweb.com

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