Ep. 32: Nariné Riley - Calligrapher

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If you’re a regular listener, then today’s guest is going to be familiar to you. I’ve asked letterpress printer and calligrapher, Nariné Riley, from waaaay back in episode 29, to come back on the show. The last time she was on, I got so into talking about letterpress, that I didn’t ask her everything I wanted to know about calligraphy! She graciously accepted my invitation to come back on, and today we’re giving calligraphy the attention it deserves.

From friends commenting on her pretty handwriting, to taking it to the next level by taking a calligraphy class, to how she sensed progress starting to happen, Nariné takes us on her continuing journey in calligraphy.

She also explains the difference between traditional calligraphy and modern calligraphy, and tells us where the, super popular on Instagram, brush lettering fits in. She has the best hint as far as a tool for practicing your calligraphy, and she shares her online resources for materials, courses, and community. We talk about everything from developing your own style, to how to price your calligraphy services.

There’s so much good stuff here! I hope you’ll join me in welcoming back to Her Process, Nariné Riley. And, here we go!

Show Notes:

www.itsthegrits.com       Instagram

Sugar Paper     John Neal Bookseller

Molly Jaques 

Modern Calligraphy Summit

Ann Robin

Written Word Calligraphy

Fozzy Castro-Dayrit Calligraphy

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