Ep. 11: Nancy Mungcal - Artist

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This week I'm talking with artist, Nancy Mungcal. I first "virtually" met Nancy around five years ago, when I happened upon her Etsy shop, Pretty Little Thieves. I had an illustration shop on Etsy at the time, and I loved to browse the shops and see what other artists were up to, especially local artists. When I saw Pretty Little Thieves I stopped dead in my tracks. Here were these paintings of girls who looked like they were feeling every emotion I've ever felt, as a female and as a human being. At some point I was having an issue with printing artwork for my shop and I messaged Nancy, via Etsy, to ask what printer she used. As you'll hear in our chat, prints aren't really her thing, but she was kind enough to write back. From that little exchange, a friendship was born.

I ask all of my guests for fun facts about themseleves...things we wouldn't discuss on the show that give a peek into who they are in their day to day lives. This time, to my surprise and absolute delight, I received Nancy's fun facts from her niece, Daegan, and her nephew, Declan. Here's what they had to say about Nancy:  "best aunt, art teacher, good at card games, writes silly songs, loves to read and trivia expert". She sounds like a pretty fantastic aunt, right?

In this episode, Nancy talks about taking the leap into making art her full time career. Her method of making this happen might surprise you. We talk about her creative process, and I was inspired by Nancy to just use what I already have - what's in my possession right now - to start creating. There's no need to wait until you can go out and buy, or order, that perfect pen or that specific weight of paper. Just make something already! Nancy talks about going from having piles of sketch books filled with her drawing and paintings that were for her eyes only, to becoming an artist with a website, an online shop, a social media presence, and who shows at galleries.

And, I'm reminded that Nancy still does not love to talk about herself. So with that, here's a caffeinated chat with my friend, artist, Nancy Mungcal.

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prettylittlethieves.com                tumblr: NancyMungcal               

Instagram: @prettylittlethieves               Etsy: prettylittlethieves

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