Ep. 10: Brandy Barber - Comedy Writer

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This week's chat is with comedy writer, Brandy Barber. Now, I don't know that "comedy writer" really says it all. Brandy has written for the hit TVLand sitcom Younger, Amy Poehler's Difficult People, MTV2's Girl Code, and much more. But her path to this place in her career has taken many twists and turns, from higher education, to performing on a Herald team at UCB New York,to directing and developing her own solo show, Bad Bride, which ran for nine months at UCB New York, and toured to iO West, UCB LA, Improv Boston, and even London. She produced and performed in a monthly downtown comedy variety show called The Kissing Booth, which played to sold out crowds during its two year run. She's acted in several award winning web series. She's had original essays published. She's written features for BUST, Glamour, Playgirl, and Time Out New York...I could keep going, but you get the point.

Some fun facts about Brandy: She loves reading cookbooks even though she says she's "garbage at cooking". She has a special affection for celebrity cookbooks, and is currently hunting for Liberace's. Her life has been made infinitely better by admitting to herself that she wears basically one outfit 99% of the time and adopting that outfit as a "uniform". Now when she shops she just looks for variations on that theme. She can't stress enough how much meditation changed everything in her life...it's been immensely helpful. She hates snakes so, so much. But she hates the people who walk around with them in public trying to charge tourists for photos with the poor things even more. Brandy loves anonymously donating to crowdfunded campaigns when she can, even when she doesn't know the person. And, all of her pets (two cats, one dog) were found on the street...don't shop, adopt!

For Brandy, what started out as a desire to become an actor, led to many creative incarnations. And what I learned from Brandy's journey is that sometimes what you think you want isn't really what you need. You don't have to hang on to what isn't working. You don't need to make anyone happy, but yourself. And, the only person who should give you permission to do anything...is you.

And now, to elaborate on all of that, here is Brandy Barber.

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