Ep. 50 Collaboration Series ft. Tina Cesa Ward & Rachael Hip-Flores

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I'm excited to be chatting with writer/director, Tina Cesa Ward and actor, Rachael Hip-Flores. These ladies first worked together in 2008 when Tina cast Rachael in her ground breaking web series, Anyone But Me. The show went on to win Indie Soap awards, a Clicker award for best drama, a Writers Guild Award for best Original New Media, and more. Rachael won a Streamy for her portrayal of series lead, Vivian. Clearly this was a pairing that worked! And it turned out to be the beginning of a longtime working relationship, and friendship. 

Today the ladies talk about casting, from the perspective of both the actor and the director. They talk about what it takes to make a successful working relationship on set, and they share how they keep it fresh after years of working together.

If you want to get some great insight, and have some laughs along the way, take a listen!

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