Ep. 39: Special Ep ft. Kathryn Michelle & Tanya Ihnen

Welcome to the first episode of my special Her Process series on artists who are juggling the pursuit of art and parenthood. 

Between the two of them, today's guests have spent the better part of a decade…maybe longer…acting, writing, producing, and directing short films, features, and web series. I’m so happy to welcome Tanya Ihnen (pictured left with her daughter, Parker ) and Kathryn Michelle (pictured right with her son, Ryder). 

In listening to this episode, I realized that while these ladies have shared great information and fun tales of art and motherhood, at the core the gems they've shared with us can be applied to all artists. That said, if you’re a mom, or thinking of becoming one, stick around, because you’ll want to hear this! I’m super inspired by these ladies…and our conversation has me feeling a little less nervous about becoming a mama and staying the course with my art.


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