Ep. 38: Maya - Singer, Songwriter

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Today, I’m chatting with singer, songwriter, Maya.

Maya started her musical career as a child, improvising blues on stage with her dad at the tender age of 11. Her current style is electric jazz, and you’ll get a taste of just what that means at the end of the show.

During our time together, Maya shares her experience of being on The Voice, Australia, and what it taught her about the music industry and about performing. She also tells us why she recommends other artist go on shows, such as The Voice, and at what stages in an artist’s career she feels these types of shows would be most beneficial.

We talk social media, and the reasons why she doesn’t place too much emphasis on it. Maya takes us through her lyric and song writing process. We talk about booking gigs, and how she goes about it. And she has some great advice for artists who are just starting to pursue their careers full time.

I asked Maya to email me some fun facts about her that we didn't discuss on the show. Here's what she sent:

1- I used to weigh 100kgs (220 pounds)

2- my grandmother was Aushwitz survivor

3- I can play cello

4- I'm a natural African American ginger

5- I'm type A personality 

I think we could have a whole other podcast based on the info that Maya sent! 

The episode you're about to hear is filled with so much good stuff, and you'll get to hear one of Maya's songs at the end of the show! So, let's get to it! Here's my chat with singer, songwriter, Maya.

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