Ep. 37: Amy Crosby - Singer, Front Woman

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Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Amy Crosby, of the band Shitting Glitter. Yes, you read that correctly, Shitting Glitter. Her band was part of the LA music scene for years, and now she is firmly rooted in Long Beach (just south of LA), which she says is a very supportive community for artists of all genres.

As an artist who has been at it for years, Amy gives us insight into the incarnations of a musician and her band, how band mates have come and gone (not from her life, but from the band), and how she’s come to the conclusion that it’s best to play with professional musicians that she brings into her band, rather than people who she relates to every day.

As of late, Shitting Glitter was on a little break, and in that time Amy’s been painting. She’s gone from someone who had never painted to someone who’s painted over 200 paintings in two years, and who’s work is showing in a gallery!

And now, Amy’s back in the music scene, and her latest project, the Nasty Woman Concert Series, is happening this Saturday, July 8th! Amy opens up about the reason and the feelings behind the Nasty Woman Concert, and she talks about the importance, especially in the current political climate, of taking action. Like I said, the concert is happening this Saturday, July 8th in Long Beach, California. Wait until you hear the lineup…it sounds like it’s going to be an amazing show!

I asked Amy to email me a few fun facts about her that weren't covered on the pod. Here's what she sent:

here are the fun facts:

-i won best actress at my prom

-i have an 18 year old cat named arthur who loves when i sing falsetto (specifically xanadu) and runs from anywhere in the house to come put try to put his face in my mouth to listen while he puts his paw on my cheek

-i gave my wife stomach flu on our first date which hit her at work the next day, in an embarrassing hilarious way

-i'm a "super taster' and can eat habanero peppers like candy as i don't feel the "hot'

-i am an excellent speller and even won a french spelling bee

-i love flowers so i take pictures of them everywhere and call them the "flew of the day".... this is going to be a series i'm starting to paint so the photo and painting will be part of the same piece

-i have a bronze graveplate at my entrance to my front door of a woman named sadie opperman baum, it was a printing mistake in her date of death so the funeral home was throwing it away

-i wanted to be a mortician (still might, you never know!)

If those fun facts made you want to know a little more about Amy, and I bet they did, just hit play below. Or, click any of the links to get to the Her Process podcast!

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