Ep. 35: Shelley Segal - Singer, Songwriter

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As artists, we can all agree that whatever we’re passionate about in life influences our work. It’s what our art is based on, really. Today's guest's story illustrates this point beautifully. I'm delighted to be chatting with singer, songwriter, Shelley Segal.

Now, a lot of us are taught not to talk about religious beliefs or politics in polite company. Well, one of those topics comes up in today’s episode. And I’m going to say a word now, that I’ll admit, as someone who was raised in the Christian faith, has always made me a little uncomfortable. The word is Atheism.

My guest today, has been called the “pin-up girl for the Atheist movement”. And I have to tell you that her genuine caring for all people, just the love for humanity you can feel when you’re talking with her...well, I don't know what I expected exactly, or was taught to believe about Atheists. I will tell you that what I see in Shelley is the kind of person I hope I am. 

Raised in a Jewish family, Shelley opens up about questioning certain beliefs, the journey to finding answers that resonated with her as a human being, and how these answers led her to secularism. She shares how her search, and ultimately the community that she found, helped shape her music…well, a good chunk of it anyway. There’s so much more to her story, and so much more to her art.

During our chat, we also discuss how her career took shape, and the different genres which have influenced her many sounds. And, she explains Patreon to me, and why she and her fans love the Patreon experience she is able to create for them.

In opening up about her journey, Shelley illustrates a bit of her story through song. And oh, what songs she chose. You’ll just have to hear for yourself!

I asked Shelley to email a few fun facts about herself that were not discussed during the show. Here's what she had to say:

1. I am obsessed with Table Tennis (or ping pong as you State-siders call it) I used to play competitively as a junior and represented my state at national level.

2. I can tie a knot in a gummy snake with my tongue. When I was a teenager the idea was popular that if you could tie a knot in a gummy snake while it was in your mouth then it meant you were a good kisser. I took this to heart and was excited that I could do it and I've retained that skill - haha

3. I have lived in 3 different countries: Australia, England and the United States. I've performed in 29 US States and been to 36. 

4. I started singing when I was 2 years old. The first song I ever sang was Phil Collins' 'Groovy Kind Of Love' (although at the time I sang it "gwoovy")

5. There is a festival in my home state, Victoria that I attend regularly. It's called Rainbow Serpent Festival and I've only missed it once since I was 18. I love dancing outside with my friends.

Now, I’m so honored to share with you one of the most moving and thought provoking talks I’ve had. Here is my chat with Shelley Segal. 

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