Ep. 34: Crystal Chappell - Actress, Producer, Director

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You know her from Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light, the Emmy award winning web series Venice, and so much more. I’m talking about Emmy Award winning actress, Crystal Chappell. And if it sounds like I use the word "Emmy" a lot in this intro, it's because this hard working lady has three of them! She acts, produces, directs, and I'm so grateful that she made the time to be on the podcast.

What you’re about to hear is a wonderful, caffeine fueled chat, where we cover a lot in a fairly short amount of time. We talk about how and why Crystal got into acting. She gives us a sense of how she approaches the craft and the characters she’s played. We cover her web series and how she’s been leading the way in the new media arena, and navigating the various pieces of that puzzle. And, we discuss her feature film, A Million Happy Nows. 

I asked Crystal to email me a few fun facts about her. Stuff we didn't talk about on the show. Here's what she sent:

1.  I love to clean.   I need a certain order before I can work.

2.  I can eat Brussel Sprouts cold.  I love them that much.

3.  I talk to myself when Im driving.  I have the best conversations!  : )

4.  I get angry with my fitbit.

5.  I believe wine bottles should be made larger so you don't feel like such a lush when half of it is gone.

Crystal is so down to earth, and so much fun to chat with. And like I said, we dive into quite a lot here. I'm so excited for you to take this little journey with me, as I have the pleasure of talking with Crystal Chappell.

Show Notes:

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