Ep. 30: Morgan Jenkins - Hooper, Performance Artist

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Today I’m chatting with the Hoopie Awards 2017 Hooper of the Year, USA, Morgan Jenkins.

Before recording this episode, Morgan gave me a quick hooping lesson, and it really got my blood pumping! I totally understand why hooping is called a movement meditation. During the show, Morgan explains exactly what that means, and she talks about ambient hooping as part of the flow arts.

It's so refreshing to talk to an artist who is all about being inclusive. Morgan is part of a hoop troupe called Hooptown Hotties, and their motto is “you can hoop with us.” Don't you just love that? Using her background as a camera assistant in the TV and film industry, Morgan and the Hooptown Hotties make amazing hooping videos. She shares a bit about the ladies’ video making process, choreography, and creative motivation. …And she tells us the route she recommends for learning hooping.

We also talk social media, and how Morgan, aka Miss Mojangles, has utilized it to further her hooping career, while remaining true to herself, even online.

I asked Morgan to share a few fun facts about herself. Here's what she had to say:

From Charlotte, NC

Graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts with a BFA in Cinematography

One sister, Haley, who is a puppeteer for Sesame Street in NYC

Has visited the pyramids in Egypt

Works on TV shows, has worked on ER, 24, Heroes, Scrubs, Parks & Rec, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Key & Peele, CSI, Private Practice to name a few!

Started hooping in 2012

Favorite hoop move: Vortex

Most memorable hoop moment: Acting with Luke Wilson & Marc Maron for director Cameron Crowe as "Hula Hoop girl" in his show, "Roadies".

Wants to visit: Dubai, Japan, Italy

I had so much fun talking with Morgan, and yes…now I totally want to pick up a hula hoop and go for it! And after listening to this episode, you will too! So without further ado, here is Miss Mojangles herself, Morgan Jenkins.

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missmojangles.com     Instagram

hoopography.com     hooptownhotties.com

Bootie LA     Hoop Camp

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