Ep. 27: Catrina Del Re - Actor, Writer

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In the opening episode of the second year (what? year two!) of Her Process, I'm chatting with actor and writer, Catrina Del Re.

From modeling to Method to Meisner, to finding her way to a class at The Imagined Life here in Los Angeles, Catrina shares with us this acting technique that is so different from any traditional technique that I've ever heard of! No rehearsal, no writing, and it's all about empathy. We talk about how, as we evolve as humans, and as technology is evolving, so too is the craft of acting.

On the writing side, Catrina is working on a biopic that centers around an actor/director/producer who perished in a concentration camp. Her subject was a controversial person who has all but been written out of history. Catrina is determined to tell his story. She visited the camp with her husband, and shares with us some rather other worldly things that happened while they were there.

I asked Catrina to share a few fun facts, things we didn't talk about on the show. Here's what she sent: 

I am a true 5'11" woman. I mix up my analogies all the time. I am writing a book about the haunted house I grew up in. I am musical. I can play the flute, ukulele, and sing. I often do spontaneous traveling, adventures. I am working on developing a mentorship program for girls interested in being a part of the film industry.

And, I am so excited to share these fun facts, sent from Catrina's mom:

You were a fabulous soccer and flute player. You put on productions every Christmas with your brother. You were in the Sunshine Generation. You went to China and walked on the Great Wall. You did a bunch of mission trips.

A huge thank you to Catrina's mother for being so sweet and helping us get to know Catrina a little bit better!

I had so much fun chatting with Catrina, and I just know you're going to enjoy hearing what this talented, spiritual, beautiful person has to say about life and art. So, without further ado, here is Catrina Del Re.

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