Ep. 8: Stephanie Thorpe - Actor, Producer

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This week's chat is with actor/producer, Stephanie Thorpe. Stephanie knew that she wanted to act, write, and produce for as long as she can remember. Her love of creating characters and telling stories led her to act and produce on stage and on the screen. By remaining true to herself, and the eight year old Lord of The Rings and Dune reading girl that she was, Stephanie has been able to combine her passion for sci-fi and fantasy along with her love of acting and production, to create quite a stir in the new media community, and beyond. She has performed in over a dozen of Shakespeare's plays, has created over 150 episodes of original narrative content for the web, and has been a panelist/guest speaker more than 25 times at various conventions. If you ask me, that's a well rounded individual!

Here are some fun facts about Stephanie: She went to her first ComiCon in San Diego with her dad when she was eight years old. She is allergic to onions and synthetic mint. She recently fulfilled a lifelong dream of learning to make macarons in Paris with a French pastry chef. Her first crushes were on Disney's Robin Hood (yes, the fox), Nightwing, and Indiana Jones. And, she has been known to organize mac & cheese crawls here in Los Angeles.

In this episode, Stephanie gives valuable audition tips, speaking as someone who's been on both sides of the auditioning process. She talks about the importance of social media for today's artists. We go back to her biggest influences in childhood and see how they've carried through today to land her as an influencer in both the geek and new media communities, by combining everything she loves.

I invite you to sit back and have a listen to my chat with actor, producer, and new media maven, Stephanie Thorpe.

Show Notes:

Stephanie's website                    Facebook                    Instagram                      Twitter                    Boo & Pumkin on Twitter

The Hobit                    Lord of the Rings                    Dune                          Phillip K. Dick                    Piers Anthony

Terry Brooks                    Elf Quest                    Elf Quest: A Fan Imagining                    Paula Rhodes

Slumber Con                    Jennifer Landa                    The Ladies                   Tanya Ihnen                    Steve Lekowicz                   Robb Padgett                  

After Judgement                    Taryn O'neill                   Mike Davies                    The Werewolf Whisperer                    Bonita Gutierrez                  Camilla Ochlan  

Rey - The Force Awakens                    Jimmy McMahon                    Cy Twombly                    Jackson Pollock

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