Ep. 7: Sandra Payne - Writer, Director

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In this episode of Her Process, I'm chatting with writer and director, Sandra Payne. Sandra began her writing career working on Wishbone and Barney and Friends...yes, that Barney. She has written short films, award winning web series, and commercials.

Some fun facts about Sandra: When she lived in Indonesia, her family rescued a hornbill and he used to follow them around camp, honking for them. He was given to the Jakarta zoo when her parents left the country to move back to the United States. She is an Alaskan State Fair champion apple pie baker. When she was eleven, she won a purple ribbon! Sandra has been to six of the seven continents. She's got her eye on Antarctica to round out her collection. She's jumped out of an airplane. Twice. And, she is a tea aficionado. She's attended the World Tea Expo. Twice.

During our chat, we talk about Sandra's journey back to writing after losing confidence in her ability at a pretty pivotal age. We talk a bit about how, and why she entered into the world of directing. She shares what motivated her to finally write that novel. And, let me tell you, after hearing her talk about this, you're going to feel motivated to do that thing that you've been putting off, or waiting for the perfect time to start working on.

So, pour yourself a cup of tea (or coffee). Here is Sandra Payne.

Show Notes:

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