Ep. 5: Heather Horton - Actor, Improviser, Comedian

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In this episode of Her Process, I'm chatting with actor, improviser, and comedian, Heather Horton. Heather started her stage career at the tender age of three, as a dancer. She continued to shine on stage as a comedian. That experience parlayed into a career as an actor and improviser.  Heather didn't always know she wanted to be an actor. In fact, there was quite a gap between her time on stage as a dancer and her time on stage as a comedian...and all the rest. More on that in a future episode, which as they say, is coming soon.

Some fun facts about Heather:  She and her dog, Fargo, do agility training together. She loves sharp cheddar cheese grits. Heather still has a working Nintendo NES complete with a Duck Hunt gun. She does Physical Therapy at an Autism School. And, she's competed in sprint triathlons.

During this interview, Heather talks about how she came to the field of acting. We discuss the ever evolving improv schools here in Los Angeles. We talk about her love for stand-up comedy. And, Heather shares a story about why a recent national commercial she shot was pulled after just eleven days of being on air, and what that experience was like for her.

Heather is so funny and so down to earth. And, she is probably the most improv/sketch-knowledgeable person I've ever met. Talking with her really makes me want to dive back into improv class just so I can be as witty as she is. Give this episode a listen, and you'll hear what I mean.

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