Ep. 3: Chelsea Green - Classical Guitarist

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In this episode, I have the good fortune to be able to chat with classical guitarist, Chelsea Green. She currently lives in Cairo, Egypt, so it's a thrill to be able to snag a bit of her time during her visit home to Southern California.

In addition to performing as a soloist and a chamber musician, Chelsea teaches music history, introductory ethnomusicology, music theory, and guitar performance at the American University in Cairo. She also directs the AUC Guitar Ensemble.

Some fun facts:  Chelsea has a dog named Jazz Hands. Jazz Hands, along with Chelsea and her husband Frank, lives in Cairo, Egypt. Jazz Hands has flown from Cairo to Los Angeles (or the reverse) eight times and never complains about the hassles of travel. Chelsea would rather talk to a ghost than an alien, and she is excited about the emergence of a non-synthetic perfume market.

During this interview we talk about the concept of 'play' vs 'practice', as we dive into Chelsea's paper, entitled Permission to Play:  Obstacles and Open Spaces in Music. She talks a bit about how she came to classical guitar, how she knows that the classical guitar is her instrument, and we get a glimpse into what guitar performance is like from the point of view of the musician.

If you've ever experienced stagnation and procrastination in the practice of your craft, this episode will open up a way of thinking that will get you over that hump.

Show Notes:

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 Charles Rosen                       Felix Salazar

"Permission To Play:  Obstacles and Open Spaces in Music-Making           

Ana Vidovic

Marshawn Lynch                     Sharon Isbin

Zen Mind, Beginners Mind              California Guitar Archives

Los Angeles Electric 8            Hans-Gorge Gadamer

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